I worked with Johnny over roughly a 6 month period.

My main goal was to get some nutrition advice before my wedding, but I actually ended up getting more than that.

A lot of what we spoke about were long term habits and changes that can allow you to lead a more healthy balanced lifestyle. Which is a skill that I now have.

Johnny was very flexible about my current eating habits and diet and also was realistic about my social life and knitted these together to allow me to build a nutrition plan which meant I could continue to enjoy my weekends etc.

We scheduled a weekly check in call and went through nutrition for the week, plans at the weekend. How to manage these effectively while sticking to the overall goal and then general information.

I would highly recommend Johnny as it was a great way to learn about nutrition while also seeing good progress and getting an overall better education about the topic.

Johnny also offered tailored food plans and a tailored Macro break down based on my current activity / training levels.

No matter what your current nutrition status is, I would recommend working with Johnny to help you to improve overall well-being.

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